Soladey-2 Ionic Toothbrush

Soladey-2 Ionic Toothbrush

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  • Works Photo-Electronically Requires No Toothpaste

    Soladey - 2 Ionic Toothbrush

    It looks like an ordinary toothbrush, but closer examination reveals a titanium (metal) rod which runs through the replaceable bristle head and into the handle. This rod is the secret to Soladey-2.

    It's made of a patented solar conducting material that allows light, by photoelectric activity, to be converted into a natural energy source which kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth.This toothbrush is effective in reducing smokers' tobacco stains, and there are many testimonials that claim that impossible to remove stains were removed in a matter of weeks with consistent use of the brush under a good light source.

    Reduces Bacteria and Plaque

    Bacteria in plaque attack food, producing acid. This acid causes bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Normally, saliva neutralizes this action. But when plaque builds up, it acts as a barrier, preventing the neutralizing action of the saliva. According to clinical studies, the Soladey-2 can stop this plaque buildup. Working with saliva, the brush controls and reduces the bacteria responsible for plaque.

    The Most Affordable & Economical Ionic Toothbrush On The Market

    With sensible care, the handle and rod will last a lifetime, requiring only inexpensive replaceable heads. The replacement heads provide all the benefits of the Soladey-2 at a comparable cost of a regular toothbrush.

    • No batteries required - No moving parts to replace - No toothpaste required.
    • Environmentally friendly, saves money on water and electricity.
    • Titanium rod & handle may last a lifetime - Head is replaceable.
    • Light, saliva and brushing action powers it.
    • Use anywhere, carry it in your handbag, lunch box, briefcase or rucksack.
    • Proper dental hygiene can help to improve general health and well being.
    • Helps to create an Anti-Bacterial solution that combats germs even after brushing.
    • Convenient for students, business people on the move, busy families and active lifestyles.    
    • Helps to create an Anti-Bacterial solution that combats germs even after brushing.
    • Brightens your smile as you brush, works on dental stains.

    Toothpaste Is Unnecesary

    Effective plaque removal is possible with or without toothpaste; ordinary light activates the patented semi-conductor rod and cleans your teeth without abrasives.

    Reduces Cavities

    Actually reduces bacteria that cause cavities by the natural cleansing action of safe, free electrons emitted from the revolutionary solar conducting rod.

    Teeth Feel & Look Cleaner

    Through superior cleaning ability, plaque adhesion to your teeth is reduced photoelectronically. 

  • Soladey-2 - How to use it

    • You may, if you wish, use a very small amount of your preferred toothpaste on the bristles, although this is not necessary with Soladey-2.

    • Make certain there is an adequate light source (natural or artificial) necessary to activate the semiconductor.

    • After wetting the bristles and semiconductor with water, brush your teeth lightly and thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary toothbrush.
  • Soladey - FAQ's

    Does Soladey need a battery? Soladey does not need a battery. You no longer need to be in your washroom or near a sink to brush your teeth. People enjoy this feature because in today's fast paced society, they can now brush their teeth almost anywhere, saving them time and money. There are no working parts to replace except for the bristle heads that are replaced in the same time frame as your regular toothbrush and the handle and Titanium rod can last forever if properly cleaned and cared for.

    What is the life of the semiconductor? With proper use, almost indefinitely.

    Will teeth become yellow if toothpaste is not used? Reflecting the dentin color, healthy teeth are naturally off-white in color. Brushing only with water restores their original color. If you must use toothpaste, only a very small amount is recommended.

    Is the semiconductor safe? Titanium dioxide, the metal from which the rod is made, does not dissolve or corrode in water, so it is perfectly safe.

    Is there any proof of the effectiveness of the Soladey-2? Clinical literature is available from dental colleges in Japan and Canada. According to studies, toothbrushes with semiconductors have proven to be as effective as plaque removing tools.

    Can I use it with fillings? Yes, it's fine to use Soladey - 2 Toothbrush with fillings, there's no shock, jolting or vibrations. There are no negative side effects or reactions with dental fillings, enamel or other dental products.

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