Greens First Boost is a premium vegetarian vegan meal replacement formula

Greens First Boost

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  •  Premium Vegetarian Vegan Meal Replacement Formula

    Greens First Boost

    This premium blend of ingredients is designed to take the guesswork out of selecting supplements for optimal health and lasting weight loss.

    Our Meal Replacement Formula, gives you the nutrients you need in a delicious, convenient shake. Our pure and wholesome blend nourishes, supports & balances your body with a natural source of non-GMO brown rice & vegetable pea protein, super greens, healthy essential fatty acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals. 

    Delicious, ALL IN ONE, nutrient balanced, nutritional boost product. Use it separately or, even better, mix it together with Greens First as a “boost” to create the Wellness Shake. It’s the perfect solution as an “instant breakfast” for anti-aging & wellness strategies or as part of the Weight Loss To Wellness 12-Week Challenge.*

    Benefits Of Vegetarian Protein

    “We now know that eating a low-fat, quality protein diet high in complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables will help to improve wellness and assist in healthy weight loss. Plant protein is linked to lower blood cholesterol, lower rates of breast cancer, lower risk of cancers of the digestive tract and, along with an active lifestyle, result in a healthy weight.”

    The China Study; T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry; Cornell University

    The Dangers Of Too Much Low Quality Animal Protein

    The importance of protein in a healthy diet is well known and widely understood, however the amount one needs to stay healthy is not. Research has shown that we don’t need as much protein as previously thought. The recommended amount of protein for adults has decreased by more than 50% in the last 20 years. It's not the quantity that counts, but the quality. Normally 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight is adequate for a healthy person. Which translates to 56 grams of quality protein  per day for a 70kg person.

    Eating Right Just Got Easier!

    Greens First Boost® - Meal Replacement Formula is the delicious way to get the nutrients you need and provides all 3 Food Groups (vegetarian/vegan protein, good carbohydrates & healthy oils) that your body needs to help you:

    • Promote Overall Wellness
    • Lose Weight Naturally
    • Boost Energy & Metabolism
    • Calm Food Cravings*

    No Dairy, No Soy, No Whey, No Aspartame, No Wheat, No Sugar

    Greens First Boost® – The Perfect Balance of Healthy Vegetarian Protein

    Contains only the healthiest form of protein for your body. Our source is 100% non-GMO Brown Rice & Vegetable Pea Protein. These are safe, pure and easily digestible forms of protein that are readily absorbed by the body.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

  • Suggested Use: Mix one level scoop (provided in the container), with 200 - 250ml of water. Stir briskly or shake in a closed container and enjoy one or more times a day.

    Best taken alone on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning is ideal!

    GMO free and contains NO yeast, sugar, corn, wheat, soy protein, dairy, egg, MSG, preservatives, or artificial color.

    Refrigerate after opening to enhance freshness.

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