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Magnesium Oil

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  • Zechsta Magnesium Oil: The Most Potent Magnesium In The World

    Magnesium Oil

    Mined from the ancient Zechstein Sea two kilometres beneath the earth’s surface, Zechsta™ Magnesium Oil is 100% natural form of magnesium chloride and a full spectrum of trace elements. Its purity is unsurpassed – for the last 250 million years it has been untouched by the pollution.

    Most of magnesium and magnesium oil on the market is produced in the lab, which means unnatural, isolated and synthetic. It is well known fact that the body absorbs and assimilates only nutrients which it recognises. And synthetic nutrients are not recognised by the body, because they don’t exist in nature. Your body is not created in the lab (at least not yet) – it’s created by nature. Therefore it only recognises nutrients created by nature.

    You’ll never find magnesium on its own in nature. It’s always specially bonded to other minerals and trace elements. That can never be replicated in the lab. Don’t be fooled by marketing gimmicks, like pharmaceutical grade magnesium oil.

    Many people are inclined to believe that pharmaceutical grade is a sign of quality and purity. Nothing is further from the truth. All medicines are so called pharmaceutical grade, but they kill millions of people every year. And there is nothing pure about them – vaccines contain up to ten thousand times allowed mercury. That is criminal.

    Why is our Magnesium Chloride Different?

    If you’re looking to get the best magnesium oil in the world, then you’re at right place. Zechsta™ Magnesium Oil is not manufactured – it’s extracted from the depths of the earth in its original form, as it was created 250 million years ago – nothing added, nothing removed. You get the safest, purest and most absorbable form of magnesium chloride known to men.

    It can be used during pregnancy and is safe for children. Regular use restores depleted magnesium in the cells and in the process markedly improves skin barrier, which signifies greater protection from viruses and bacteria.

    It’s effective for all types of skin conditions, including dermatitis, eczema and acne.  Because it is applied on the skin there is no danger of overdosing - although it can be used orally.

    Magnesium Therapy

    Soil and food scientists have estimated that the major part of the world’s population is seriously magnesium deficient. Due to modern farming and food manufacturing process, our food chain is insufficient to supply daily required magnesium. This is the cause of many chronic diseases.

    As magnesium plays a significant role in 80% of all biochemical and electrical activity in the body, it is reasonable to conclude that magnesium deficiency poses very serious threat to our health.

    To prevent diseases and maintain good health it is imperative to replenish depleted magnesium. The safest and most efficient way is to do magnesium transdermal therapy. This is accomplished by applying 10 -20 ml of magnesium oil on the skin, every day for three to four months. After the therapy completion, 3 ml per day is required to maintain healthy magnesium levels.

    Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

         • Adrenal gland fatigue, white blood cell disorders
         • Salt or chocolate craving, muscle twitching
         • Changes in the menstrual cycle
         • Premature wrinkles, PMS, insomnia, migraine
         • Erectile dysfunction, constipation, tension headaches
         • Restless leg, gallbladder disorders, irregular heartbeat
         • Blood clots in the arteries, asthma, intestinal parasites
         • Warts, chronic sore throat, bladder control problems, fluid retention
         • Personality changes, constipation, liver weakness
         • Swollen gums, hair loss, chest pain, pain in the jaw
         • Disorientation, tenderness in the breasts, lack of coordination
         • Nervous irritability, anxiety and panic attacks, loss of energy
         • Muscle cramps, stiffness in the neck, hypothyroidism
         • Numbness and tingling in the extremities and many more

    Zechsta Magnesium Oil is the easiest, safest and fastest way to restore lost magnesium. And today is the best time to get a bottle of magnesium oil and begin the journey to better health.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or disease.


  • Maintenance usage: Apply 1.5ml morning and night directly to the skin. 3ml of Magnesium Oil supplies 420mg of elemental magnesium.Suitable for children and during pregnancy. Effective in all skin disorders including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

    Therapeutic usage: Apply 5 - 10ml morning and night directly to the skin and gently massage in. Start with 1-2ml and slowly build up the dosage.

    For better and gentler absorption apply to the various parts of the body. To restore magnesium in the cells repeat this process for 2-3 months.

    Please note: After application some people may experience “tingle” and some white residue on the skin – this is normal. To remove residue take a shower or wipe off with the wet body-cloth 20 minutes after application.

    If slight skin irritation is experienced dilute magnesium oil by adding one part of water to one part of magnesium oil.

    Original Zechstein™ is the quality mark, which guarantees the purest natural source of magnesium chloride, established by scientific protocol.
    Original Zhechstein Magnesium

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