pH – Basic For Body pH Balance

pH – Basic For Body pH Balance

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  • Natural Solution For Your Body pH Balance

    pH – Basic

    The correct body pH balance is the foundation of health. This product is designed to increase alkalinity of the body. Combination of enzymes, minerals and herbs act synergistically to kip the acid/alkaline balance. The best way to maintain pH balance is to consume generous amounts of raw fruit and vegetables each day. But for most of us this is not an easy thing to do.

    This is the reason why we have spent over two years in designing and testing the product. At the end it was worth it, because we believe that we have created the best pH balancing product on the market. Inclusion of the enzymes in the formula plays significant role in enhancing metabolic and digestive enzymes in the body, which are crucial in every aspect of the functioning of the body.

    This product is not only beneficial in balancing your body pH, but significantly enhances your general well-being.

    What is pH?

    It’s an abbreviation for “potential “of “hydrogen”.  It represents the number of hydrogen ions in a specific solution. By increasing number of ions the solution becomes more acidic, or by decreeing the number of ions the solution will be more alkaline. Our body functions at the optimum when slightly alkaline.

    pH is measured on the scale from 0 - 14. Everything over seven is considered alkaline and below seven acidic.

    Alkaline/acid balance of the blood is absolutely vital and it must be kept in the range of pH 7.35 -7.45. Even increase or decrease of only 0.1 outside of the range can be fatal.

    Extreme acidity will force the body to use calcium and other minerals from the bones and the muscles. So, when we talk about osteoporosis, arthritis and calcium deficiency we are in fact talking a great deal about acidity. Acidity plays major role in calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. When the body is acidic for prolong periods of time, it will deplete calcium from the bones and make them brittle. Similarly acidity will cause damage to the joints and onset of arthritis.

    The common symptoms of compromised pH balance:

    • Immune deficiency, insomnia, frequent urination.
    • Difficulty losing weight, constipation, headaches.
    • Frequent sighing, hormonal imbalances, water retention.
    • Poor metabolism, low blood pressure, acid reflux.
    • Mineral deficiencies, foul-smelling stools, sore muscles.
    • Sore joints, heartburn, sensitive teeth, premature aging and many more.

    The causes of pH imbalance

    Today’s modern life of processed foods, polluted air, lack of sleep and stressful working environment are major reason why our bodies are too acidic. Most importantly, the farming practices are main contributor to deficiency of minerals and trace elements in the food chain. Furthermore, the water we drink is seriously polluted with heavy metals and almost devoid of very important minerals, required to maintain our body pH balance.

    To stay healthy, live longer and prevent premature aging. It's imperative to kip pH balance at the optimum. And our pH – Basic enzyme, herbs and mineral formula will help you to achieve that. Just click on the Add To Cart button and experience the difference.

  • Suggested Use: For maintenance one to two capsules before bed with at least six ounces of water.

    Therapeutic use: One capsule in the morning, one in the afternoon and two before bed. Always take one hour before or two hours after meals. Works best when used along with DIGEST or DIGEST GOLD.

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